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Brand Identity & Website

Bloom Education had just decided it was time to put their dream into action! 

We helped them to refine their name, develop a new logo and then we designed a website suitable for their spec.

The website would be used by their customers to find out info, view timetables, book classes and take payments.

We also have a photoshoot planned for when they are up and running but have found the perfect stock images to sit in place in the meantime.

Research - phase one

Phase one is all about researching the competition and getting a feel for what you (our client) is drawn to. Sometimes you have some ideas and preferences, and sometimes it's best to work with a blank canvas.

We knew that Bloom-Ed wanted the perfect balance between sophistication and fun - the use of colour is crucial to achieving this. 


Colour Pallete_onscreen 2.png
Logo Design

Research - phase two

After feedback on the initial moodboards, it's onto phase two. 

We refine and refocus on the inspiration that you like, to understand the visual direction of the project.

"The moodboards gave us a real idea of what is possible - it was great to see what else is out there! "


"Our ideas began to shape. We started to visualise what we wanted"


Logo-moodboards-mac 2.jpg

Initial Concepts

Once we have a good understanding of the overall look and feel of the desired outcome, we can start to design the initial concepts for the logo.

Feedback is crucial here, understanding what you like and dislike really helps us to develop the concept.

Concept-stage 2.png

Developed Concepts

"It started to look like a gardening school, so Emma suggested an education element - we felt a book would work best "


We explore different ways this could be implemented and give visual examples. Sometimes it's just as valuable to show how an idea doesn't work.

Final Tweaks

So we keep tweaking until the final logo is born!


"The logo design was a really enjoyable collaboration. Emma has a talent for understanding and deciphering ideas "


"We love our logo!! And the initial research continued to pay off..."


bloom_final_logo_mockup 2.jpg
Web design

Web design

The logo design is just the first step.

Our research and knowledge are next applied to the web design.

We knew what colours and style they wanted, we had seen examples of sites that they liked and disliked (and understood why) and so went straight into sketching layout ideas. The simple web page layout system we use enabled us to create the homepage and the about us page very quickly.

We sent the responsive site to Jo & Julia.

They loved it. 

So we moved straight onto designing the other pages.

Bloom Website, Flat
bloom (1).png


The look and the feel of the images hugely contribute to the brand identity. We plan to shoot natuaral images of the children learning through play with Jo & Julia. The shoot will take place at their new premises once they are up and running. But for now, we have sourced the perfect stock images...


Supplying assets

We supply all of the project assets to our clients, giving you complete control moving forward.

Future promo

We also design business cards, flyers, large format graphics and more - so keep us in mind for your other design and photography projects too.

Brand identity

The brand identity is shaping up nicely! 

Once the website is launched we will share the brand identity manual with you.

Watch this space...

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